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Marjorie Taylor Greene Walks Right Into Jamie Raskin’s 1/6 Trap

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to pick a fight with Rep. Jamie Raskin who perfectly set her up.


Raskin asked Greene if she thought the 1/6 attack was a legitimate exercise of popular insurrection.

Greene responded, “Mr. Raskins, I know it’s early in the morning but this is the Rules Committee. This isn’t your Trump derangement committee that you call the January 6 Committee.”

Raskin told her that his name doesn’t have an (s) in it.

Rep. Raskin said that a lot of people were armed that day.

Greene said, “What evidence do you have that they were armed that day?”

Raskin responded, “Oh, just wait for it.”

Greene started trying to ask questions and Raskin shut her down by asking she was a member of the Rules Committee.

Rep. Greene then brought up Trump again, as any good cultist can’t go very long without thinking of their messiah.

The Rules Committee hearing was about due process and the Second Amendment, at least that is what Greene kept saying, but Raskin was ready for her and her 1/6 lies.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has tried to push the false claim that the 1/6 terrorists are peaceful protesters who are being held as political prisoners.

Rep. Raskin is on the 1/6 Committee and he had a teaser to drop on the pardon requesting Greene that her ‘political prisoners” were armed and ready to overthrow the government.

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