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Facebook Adds New Option to Assign Community Managers to Moderate Live Broadcasts

Facebook Live managers, rejoice – you can now assign a Community Manager to moderate comments during your Live streams.

Which has actually been available for Facebook Gaming broadcasters for some time, and was added to Instagram Live back in March.

But now, you have the same capacity on Facebook Live broadcasts as well, providing another way to manage your Facebook interactions in a more integrated, dynamic way, along with the extra capability to assign a moderator who lives in, say, another state, or another country, via the allocation tools within the app.

Because, really, you’ve been able to add a moderator to your Live streams forever, by getting a friend or colleague to take care of that element as you present on-screen. But this option adds a systematic, coordinated aspect to the process, which will enhance your management options.

As explained by Facebook:

Community Managers moderate using their personal profiles, can turn on a Community Moderator badge visible to other viewers, and moderate streams without direct permissions or admin access to your Page.

So it’s more official and transparent, which could help to enhance engagement in your streams.

If you’re a regular Facebook Live user, however, you may also have to update your settings.

Roles with Moderator-level Task access can no longer perform live stream moderation, and will need to be invited as Community Managers.”

Outside of that, the process will provide more capacity to manage your broadcasts, which should open up more options in your process.

You can learn more about how to add a Community Manager to moderate your Facebook Live streams here.

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