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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem All But Announces Run for Trump’s VP with New Ads

Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota has an election to win this coming November, where she’ll face off against Democrat Jamie Smith. But it appears painfully obvious that the woman who commissioned a replica of Mount Rushmore with Donald Trump carved into it is once again gunning to please the MAGA man himself and be his running mate should Trump announce. Noem has a movie-quality commercial with a “Dances With Wolves” theme out, and according to Fox News, the digital ads are being placed more in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina than South Dakota:


A new ad from Gov. Kristi Noem is fueling presidential rumors. But what’s sparking 2024 presidential speculation is less about what’s in the ads than where they’re being viewed.

Among the states where the ads are getting clicks are Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, the first three states to hold contests in the GOP’s presidential nominating calendar.

Political pundits view Noem, who’s a strong supporter and ally of former President Donald Trump, as a potential Trump running mate if the former president launches another White House run in 2024. And they see the conservative governor as a presidential contender if Trump decides against seeking the White House again.

More below the tweet:

Again, it has always been painfully obvious that Noem sees herself as presidential material. How else does one explain abandoning any pretense of self-respect by having Trump carved into a ceramic Mount Rushmore? She certainly has more than enough entry-level MAGA distrust of all things scientific, enlightened, and humane. She is dangerous. One gets the sense that she’d have saddled up and ridden that horse down Pennsylvania Avenue leading the mob toward the Capitol if it meant that she got to replace Mike Pence after they took care of him “Western-style.”

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