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Lara Trump Wants Biden To Thank Donald Trump For COVID Vaccine

Lara Trump pushed the false claim that Donald Trump developed the vaccines and said that Biden should thank the former president after getting COVID.

Video of Lara Trump:

Trump said, “Had it not been for Operation Warp Speed, record time to develop a vaccine that led us to this point, made it possible for us to get back to normal life and obviously we know that COVID changes and we get these different strains at it weakens to a degree, but people are getting back to normal life thanks to Donald Trump. I don’t think we should hold our breath though waiting for Joe Biden to thank Donald Trump for anything, especially not for this.”

Donald Trump Did Not Develop The Vaccine

The claim that Trump had any hand in developing the vaccines has been fact-checked and deemed to be false, “The vaccines were already in development before Trump started his Operation War Speed, which was also designed to be a publicity stunt to help him win reelection. Many in the mainstream media have fallen for Trump’s drumbeat of misrepresentation that gave him credit for the vaccine.”

Operation Warp Speed did compress some timelines by eliminating some clinical trial steps, but that is not nearly as flashy as claiming that Trump developed the vaccine or deserved credit for it.

Trump deserves no credit for the vaccines because manufacturers worked on them months before Trump’s reelection gimmick was announced. Donald Trump did leave a distribution nightmare for Joe Biden, as the Trump administration has no serious plan to mass distribute the vaccine.

Joe Biden should not thank Trump for anything. Trump mishandled the pandemic and put the country in a hole it is still trying to dig out of.

The idea that Biden owes Trump anything is a rewriting of history intended to minimize Trump’s failed response to the pandemic.

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