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Evolution Is a Constant in Our Profession

by Dalton R. Sweaney, CPA

Justin Trudeau famously said in his 2018 speech at Davos, “The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.” Some quotes don’t age well, but this one certainly has. It seems like the pace at which things are evolving is ever-increasing and it’s becoming more and more difficult to stay on top of all the change. Our firm is in the middle of launching three, new software platforms and it’s like having another full-time job getting them all up and running. I can definitely see the long-term benefits, though, and know the efforts will be worthwhile in the long run. Some of the features of these new software platforms are mind-blowing and, frankly, I wouldn’t have even imagined this being possible just a few years ago.  

Another area of evolution is the CPA Exam. In 2024 we’re getting a revamped exam with a completely different format and focus areas. We have people at our firm studying for the exam and the uncertainty of finishing before these changes create even more stress in a very stressful season of life. It’s just one of many areas where things are changing. Managing change and thriving in it is just one of the many benefits CalCPA offers. Because of our collective experiences and expertise, we can collaborate around the change and share best practices. This both creates less pressure by not having to go it alone while also generating better outcomes because we can’t all be experts in everything.  

Come join us at an upcoming event—whether you’re the expert helping other colleagues or gaining valuable insights from others—let’s work together to service our clients to the best of our abilities and help each other flourish.

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