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‘They’re having a barbecue at the White House’ and only Republican hypocrites are invited

Daily Kos’ Laura Clawson shined a light on the hypocrisy of right-wing rants against President Joe Biden’s comprehensive and long-awaited student loan plan on Thursday morning. Read the full plan here.

Twitter users left and right quickly found examples to undermine the moral hazard claims from the GOP.

Daily Kos’ Aysha Qamar also found a fantastic thread sharing even more proof of right-wing hypocrisy, leaning on the popular “this you?” meme. Here’s a sample.

And Daily Kos’ Walter Einenkel also shared a clip from Biden’s Wednesday’s press conference, where he pushed back firmly against a reporter carrying water for Republicans.


“That’s the stuff,” Einenkel wrote.

And Thursday afternoon, Biden reiterated his commitment to his student loan relief and reforms.


Of course, it wasn’t just Twitter users, activists, and Biden pushing back. It was other elected officials. This one from Rep. Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat, in hindsight, promises that fire is on the way.


But did we really expect the White House to wield a flaming Twitter Torch of Truth by Thursday evening?


I don’t know about you, but I’m here for this new approach from the White House. And the replies—from folks who are so glad to see a firm response from this administration—are a meme motherlode.

Folks also had some theories on this new approach’s origin story.

A deep hat tip to this fine person for inspiring my headline:

Others were rightfully concerned about the potential fallout from such an aggressive, factual approach.


But generally, people were just glad to see Democrats push back.


Especially considering that Republicans always, always push.

Perhaps It was Kate who summed it up most perfectly.


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