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In the blogs: Happy now?

Robocalling the IRS; year-end pay adjustments; ready to quit; and other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.

No bots about it

  • Procedurally Taxing ( Getting the IRS on the horn can feel like banging your head against a wall of sand, and the agency has begun to fight one of the problems of the phone issue: robocalls by companies allowing their clients to reach the IRS via a pay-for-service contract. 
  • Current Federal Tax Developments ( Apparently the IRS will use an artificial intelligence tool to sort out automated calls. Any intelligence in a storm, but how long before robo-dialers catch up?
  • The Wandering Tax Pro ( A look at brackets and contribution limits for 2023.

Happy now?

  • Rosenberg Associates ( What are the most common percentages of salary adjustments in firms for the coming year-end? A look at recent survey results — and a stipulation that no matter the flavor-of-the-week perks, “Compensation must be in line with the market.”
  • Taxable Talk ( Is any tax professional happy? Or did last season make it a whisker clearer why many are leaving the profession?
  • Canopy ( Most accountants in a recent survey said their firm couldn’t function without email. But could it? Some surprising findings.
  • Sikich ( You Know They’re Gonna Ask Dep’t.: Closer examination of the ever-popular Employee Retention Credit looks at aggregation rules, the test for “significant” decline in gross receipts and what exactly “eligible” wages are.
  • Mauled Again ( A tax PIN is used without permission. Prison’s involved. Let’s watch the fun.

Spanning the globe

  • Don’t Mess with Taxes ( The structure of a country’s tax code is a determining factor of its economic performance. Guess where the U.S. stands in world rankings?
  • TaxProf Blog ( Size Doesn’t Matter Dep’t.: How did Luxembourg become a tax ruling haven?
  • Taxbuzz ( Credit Suisse, recently the subject of multiple tax probes worldwide, has agreed to make a $324 million payment to end at least one situation.
  • Global Taxes ( A federal district court has greenlighted a John Doe summons to help the IRS fight crypto-related tax fraud — an authorization that could help the U.S. government find thousands of tax cheats.
  • Wolters Kluwer ( Twenty states now offer businesses and individuals nonrefundable income tax credits for contributions to nonprofit scholarship-granting organizations.
  • Tax Foundation ( This fiery election day, voters will hammer out tax measures in six states: increases in California, Colorado and Massachusetts; reductions (also in Colorado); supermajority requirements for future ballot-initiated tax increases in Arizona; and reforming the tangible personal property tax system in West Virginia, among others. A look at the issues.
  • Tax Vox ( Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri and both Dakotas will also vote this November on legalizing recreational marijuana, and cannabis initiatives are already on the 2023 or 2024 ballot in Florida, Nebraska, Ohio and Oklahoma. What does history say is likely to happen?
  • TaxConnex ( How to help clients realize (and stay on top of) the kaleidoscope of sales tax filing deadlines.
  • Sovos ( In what “should be a surprise to almost no one,” a state district court judge has invalidated Maryland’s digital advertising tax that was slated to apply starting this year.
  • Avalara ( Your impacted clients should know that there’s an easy way and a hard one for jurisdictions to tax new communications technologies. 

Short-term and long

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