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U.S. Senate stays in Democratic hands

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is giving a press conference now, talking about the accomplishments of this Senate with President Biden thus far, and what they’ll do. “Because Americans turned out to return Democrats to the Senate, there’s a firewall against a national abortion ban.”

Schumer celebrates the American people for rejecting the “nasty, poisonous rhetoric” of MAGA Republicans that GOP leadership did not condemn.

He congratulates all the Democrats who won, and welcomes John Fetterman (PA) and Peter Welch (VT), and says he’s confident Warnock will be returned. Gives a nice shout out to Harry Reid, who’s lasting legacy in Nevada definitely helped Catherine Cortez Masto win again.

Holy crap, what an amazing night! Where do we even begin this week’s episode of The Downballot? Well, we know exactly where: abortion. Co-hosts David Nir and David Beard recap Tuesday’s extraordinary results, starting with a clear-eyed examination of the issue that animated Democrats as never before—and that pundits got so badly wrong. They also discuss candidate quality (still really important!), Democratic meddling in GOP primaries (good for democracy, actually), and “soft” Biden disapprovers (lots of them voted for Democrats).

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