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Best Golf Polos 2022

Wearing one of the best golf polos is as essential as playing with top clubs or sporting the right golf shoes. You can wear a t-shirt or crew neck on some local munis, but a polo with the proper collar and blend of fabrics is absolutely required on most golf courses (and certainly on upscale tracks). In addition to showing respect for the ancient game and the course hosting you, the basic act of donning that polo—that simple collar and button-down placket—is a ticket to the best places to enjoy a round of golf.

From established golf apparel manufacturers to up-and-coming labels, new collections of the best golf polos hit the scene every season. The designs blend sober, solid colors and peacocking patterns for personal statements when entering the tee box. And while any polo can serve as a stand-in during a quick round, true golf polos are made of the most modern materials to keep you cool and dry from green to green. Pick up one (or a couple) that complements your personality and enjoy every round in comfort and style.

Best Golf Polo Overall

When A Company Has Over 120 Years To Get It Right

We include the Glenmuir Performance Polo here, but we could use any of the company’s golf polo offerings. The Scotland-based company started making golf wear in 1891 and now produces golf polos, sweaters, pants, shorts and other items for the serious golfer and the European Ryder Cup team.

While keeping to traditional styles true to the country that invented the game, Glenmuir uses the most modern blend of cooling polyester in its performance polos. The sizes are ample and comfortable up through XXL—a factor not always in play for UK manufacturers.

Best Golf Polo For The Athletic Golfer

Adidas Specializes In Athletic Fit Polo Choices

Adidas is a major name in golf, as it is in just about every other sport. Its polo collection is extensive, with modern athletic wear fabrics and sizing that’s a little more form-fitting and trim.

You can choose from every style, including solid colors that keep things simple to more eye-catching stripes or patterns. Regardless, every Adidas polo design dries quickly and keeps you cool from hole to hole.

Best Golf Polo For The Posture Challenged

Keep Your Body And Your Swing In Line

There’s a reason this is the only option on this list with a .science web address. This polo shirt from Forme is engineered to encourage an ideal posture for physical performance—the cut of its layered fabric urges you to maintain ideal posture to avoid poor stances that cause neuromuscular problems.

A Forme golf polo works best for an active, athletic golfer because the shirt is designed with everyone from pro golfers to equestrians, and even track and field athletes are kept in mind. Essentially, Forme gear is ideal for any player looking to avoid back pain, scoliosis, neck disorders and poor posture. 

Best Golf Polo For The Traditional Golfer

Callaway Is A Golf Mainstay From Clubs To Polos

Callaway is a longtime player in just about every aspect of golf. From clubs and balls to gloves and polos, you could walk onto a course almost fully Callaway’d from head to toe. The Callaway polo collection is extensive, but each will serve as a safe, all-purpose choice for any round.

You can find the occasional aggressive pattern in the Callaway line, but the styling department has more frequent conservative options. Most importantly, Callaway makes their polos durable enough for multiple trips around the 18.

Best Golf Polo For The High-Tech Golfer

TravisMathew Puts A Lot Of R&D Into Their Designs

TravisMathew makes a full line of menswear, which includes a dedicated golf division and an accompanying polo collection. Rather than just design a polo and call it golf wear, TravisMathew puts R&D into its designs, ensuring its golf polos work best before, during and after a round.

The company’s designers call the end product “technical fabrications” (specific blends of polyester and cotton) designed to perform in various conditions from sun and rain to walking or cooling off after a round.

Best Golf Polo For The Fun Golfer

Quality Golf Gear Doesn’t Have To Be Serious

In the spirit of the company’s comedic legend namesake, William Murray Golf sewed together a long line of golf shirts with a blend of patterns from stylish to symbolic to funny. Still, in the spirit of a Bill Murray round of golf, all the company’s polos are light, breezy and made for a comfortable fit.

William Murray offers more traditional patterns or less boldly colored golf polos in their line, but why would you back off and go that route when you can walk onto the course with a good looking conversation piece?

Best Golf Polo For The Biggest Golf Fan

Ahead Makes Branded Polos For Golf’s Biggest Events

The folks over at Ahead make golf headwear and polos for any 18-hole occasion, but specialize in gear licensed by the biggest institutions in the game. Ahead offers its comfortable, well-made golf polos to the Tournament Players Championship, the USGA, the PGA Tour, the Royal and Ancient and The Open Championship.

Rather than just relying on that branding to sell its polos, Ahead ensures its products fit well and are crafted from the most modern, blended fabrics.

Best Golf Polo For The Fashionable Player

Because Style Is Just As Important As Your Final Score

When you make gear for the elite track out at Augusta National, you know your company is ready for elite status in the golfwear world. Peter Millar makes a performance golf line with polos made to look good and fit more precisely than many brands.

Using specific fabric blends of polyester and spandex, the label breaks its polos down into sport and classic fits, making sure the fashion-minded player adopts the style they need to look their best on the course.

Best Golf Polo For Hot Weather

A Stitch-Up Of Moisture-Wicking, Lightweight Fabric

After wearing different brands of golf polos, you’ll realize there is no lighter fit and feel than that provided by Stitch Golf. Priding themselves on lightweight fabric that directs moisture away from the body before drying quickly, Stitch makes great options for players taking on the game in warmer climates.

Most Stitch Golf styles arrive in multiple color options, whether in stripes or solid fields. Their designers keep the fit comfortable for moisture-wicking too, so you’ll never drown in sweat even on a warm day.

Best Golf Polo For The Precise Player

Details On The Chervo ALFI Work for the Clothes Horse

The precise detailing on Chervo golf polos make the brand perfect for that golfer who always dresses to the nines and maintains that together look throughout the round. Made of Polyamide and Elastan, the ALFI stretches and moves in all the ways a golf polo must, but the embroidery on the chest and rib-knit collar keep the look crisp.

The fabric tech of Chervo polos also features sunblock, moisture wicking and cooling functions.

Best Golf Polo For The Casual Player

A Fun Philosophy Still Makes Good Polos


The Player2 apparel line is aimed squarely at the golfer who can’t aim—or drive, chip or putt. They want to appeal to the golfer who needs to hit the ball twice or, essentially, that golfer who gets it right only after a few tries. Many of their stylings are tongue-in-cheek with that attitude in mind.

Still, Player2 makes its polos to stretch comfortably in every way a golfer needs to move. Their materials also cool the golfer who spends more time than most on the course.

Best Golf Polo For That Classic Look

There’s Something About An Embroidered Penguin

It’s not as if it’s the oldest golf wear maker in the business, but there’s still something classic and traditional about the Penguin products from Munsingwear. That little aquatic, flightless creature sewn or printed onto the breast of a polo shows a touch of class worthy of a bird in a tuxedo.

Available in solid colors or conservative patterns, the 100% cotton polo forgoes some of the more modern fabrics, but retains the necessary comfort.

Best Golf Polo For The Older Player

Magnaready Makes A Polo That Buttons Itself

While a Magnaready polo shirt looks much like any other golf wear, its placket comes together through a line of magnets that “knit” the front of the shirt together naturally on their own. The wearer puts on the Magnaready as he would a button down dress shirt and lets the magnets do the rest. This is a prime option for older players or anyone who might have difficulty getting a polo shirt over the head. It goes on smoothly and pulls off just as easily, serving as a polo in between.

Best Golf Polo For The Bigger Player

TravisMathew Makes a Surprising Fit For The Big Guys

This TravisMathew entry offers one of the more unique fits in this collection. It avoids too square a cut in the shoulders, making a more comfortable fit for bigger players. You can’t tell that from the wispy fellow used as the model by TravisMathew above, but it does work that way once it’s in use.

As with the rest of the company’s line, The Heater is made of modern, cooling materials, making its name an exercise in irony.

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