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Welcome to our Remote Cloud Accounting Firm!

R.T. McCalpin and Associates, LLC (RTM CPA) is a Certified Public Accounting Firm located in Laurel, Maryland. We offer expert virtual cloud and remote accounting services to compliment the financial management of your business.

Accounting and Bookkeeping are fundamental for the success of any business and is necessary in order for a company to maintain proper records and to assess its cashflows in a timely manner.

So why not hire RTM CPA, accounting professionals with extensive knowledge and experience of financial insights to support you in making the best financial decisions for your company?

Core Values-min

Core Values

For over 23 years, RTMCPA has provided diversity and excellence to our clients from sole proprietorship to multinational brands.  Our core values are Dependability, Diversity, Integrity, and Leadership. We can’t wait to provide you with the excellent services we have afforded so many of our clients.



We have worked with a diverse group of industries over the years and are open to exploring new ones.  Each industry has its particular accounting and tax rules unique to it, but our teams are ready and willing to take on any tasks.



Our clients vary from Information Technology firms to retailers and wholesalers, construction, healthcare, Government contractors,  hospitality, media, entertainment and advertising. Such a vast client base has offered us a wealth of experience to service your needs.

Our Services

If you want your business to expand and grow, then an advisory partner is a must! Hiring the RTM CPA team means you hire the best accounting firm Laurel, Maryland has to offer. Our audit and accounting services consists of the following valuable services.

Bookkeeping and Accounting-min

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Managing the day-to-day of any business requires many different hats, and as a business owner, you have enough on your plate. So why not focus on what you know best? Manage and grow your business and let RTM CPA handle  all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Outsourced CFO and Consulting-min

Outsourced CFO and Consulting

We understand the challenges of growth in a business and not having the resources to employ an in-house accounting staff. To reduce cost, we provide services to meet the needs of small and mid-size businesses, including Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies.

Government Contracting

Government Contracting

As Certified Public Accountants in Laurel, Maryland, RTM CPA provides agencies of the federal, state, and local government with professional services including financial and compliance audits, agreed upon procedures, financial management, business management, project management support.


Audit Readiness and Accounting Support

If you are like many companies, when year-end rolls around, getting the books closed for year-end and having the supporting documents ready for the annual audit can be a tedious and arduous task.  RTM CPA is qualified to assist you and your company to prepare all schedule.

Audit Accounting Assurance

Financial Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

No business can prosper without a proper accounting system. At RTM CPA, our team is qualified to deliver value-added audit services. Being a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), you can trust that we are qualified to perform your audit and attest services. 


Internal Controls Support

Internal controls are the key to having and maintaining a structure accounting department.  In preparation for year-end audits and tax preparation, these times of year can be hectic and overwhelming.  We will help to alleviate the stress and assist your accounting and finance departments with monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting. 


QuickBooks Training and Advisory

Maintaining accurate and timely bookkeeping and accounting records are an integral part of any business.  Choosing the right accounting software for your company’s record keeping is equally as important.  Depending on your industry and size of your company.


Business Management Advisory

As your business and financial management advisors, RTM CPA will work to help you realize you goals for your business.  When making the decision to start a business, choosing the correct corporate stress is of the utmost importance. 


Tax Preparation

RTM CPA will use our knowledge and experience to prepare your tax returns for individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, and Non-Profit Organizations. We will take advantage of available tax credits.

Why Hire Us?

Still not convinced you can entrust RTM CPA to handle all your bookkeeping and accounting needs? Then let us put forward our core competencies that makes us the best accounting firm in Laurel, MD. We will make sure that your accounting is done right!

Choose Us

Experienced And Professional Staff:
RTM CPA believes in quality, not quantity. So, no matter the size of your organization, we are going to serve you with the same spirit and dedication. Our experienced staff will ensure you get the best service to provide you with the tools needed to obtain financial coverage and clearance for prudent decision making.

Industry Knowledge:
With over 20 years of audit and accounting experience working with a diversified industries, we are equipped to share our knowledge regarding industry specific laws and regulations.

We Make Accounting Simple:
Hiring RTM CPA means you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day handling of accounting and bookkeeping. We will manage not only your financial statements, but will provide you with useful insights to minimize your costs and increase your inflows.